Continuum: Power Hour

POWER HOUR Directed By: David Frazee Written By: Todd Ireland & Jeremy Smith Are we halfway into the season, or is the season halfway gone? I’ve been saying that it’s halfway over, already, and my rather bleak, glass-half-empty outlook has more to do with the sadness of this show being so close to its end … Continue reading Continuum: Power Hour


Continuum: Rush Hour

RUSH HOUR Directed By: Pat Williams Written By: Simon Barry War: what is it good for? (Absolutely nothing.) It’s the only scene from Rush Hour with Jackie Chan that I’ve actually seen, so of course I had to say something about it. But, of course, now I’m thinking about war and what it is good … Continue reading Continuum: Rush Hour

Continuum: Lost Hours

Season 4 Spoilers Ahead My last Continuum blog was posted on June 28, 2014, and it really feels like it's been that long. Since then, Falling Skies finished it's run, in true flopping fashion, I began podcasting for Arrow, and I've been blogging for businesses, rather than television shows. It feels good to sit back … Continue reading Continuum: Lost Hours

Continuum: The Dying Minutes

Written by Shelly Eriksen Directed by Simon Barry It struck me very strongly at the end of viewing this episode—the first time—that I spend very little time raving about the actors that comprise this show. Only two words come to mind: palpable chemistry. If I set a mason jar under my tele and let the … Continue reading Continuum: The Dying Minutes

Continuum: 3 Minutes to Midnight

Season 3 Episode 11 Spoilers Ahead "3 Minutes to Midnight" Written by Jonathan Lloyd Walker Directed by David Frazee I'm done with the philosophical analyses for now, at least in terms of the in-depth extent of the last two posts. There was a lot to pick apart in this episode and I was so please … Continue reading Continuum: 3 Minutes to Midnight

Continuum: Revolutions Per Minute

One thing science fiction has ruined me for is being able to trust emotion, which might be a good thing. It has always been difficult for me to distinguish between knowledge that I just seem to know and knowledge that I acquire when it comes to somewhat abstract concepts like trust. In general I am … Continue reading Continuum: Revolutions Per Minute

Continuum: Minute of Silence

Season 3 Episode 9 Spoilers Ahead “Minute of Silence” Written by Simon Barry Directed by Pat Williams SUMMARY In the future, Kiera infiltrates an illegal business extracting citizenship chips. Going through with this procedure renders an individual’s birth certification and citizenship null and void. There are several people waiting to have theirs removed and it … Continue reading Continuum: Minute of Silence