Happy Fringe-o-ween!

I've been missing Fringe of late! Decided to have some fun with my pumpkin design this year. Seen any other Fringe pumpkins around? Before: After:



CONTINUUM SEASON 2 SPOILERS! My first experience at a convention was definitely a culture shock. It is possible to know exactly what to expect and still be blown out of the water by simply being amongst what it is you know about. It's the difference between knowledge acquired in school and practical knowledge in the … Continue reading DRAGON CON 2013

Fringe: The Bullet That Saved the World

SPOILER ALERTIt should come as no surprise that this episode is difficult for an über fan to watch. After how much our Fringe family has suffered, after how much they’ve already lost and missed out on, watching Peter and Olivia, especially, deal with the death of their daughter is not something anyone would welcome with … Continue reading Fringe: The Bullet That Saved the World

Fringe: Pilot

It's appropriate to blog about the pilot five years after its original run, right? The pilot aired the fall after I graduated from college. I'd been job hunting since December, admittedly rather unwillingly, and I was ready to start a series from its inception. I'd just begun Lost, and Alias had ended almost two years … Continue reading Fringe: Pilot