Fact: our culture is saturated, and inundated, with a plethora of options for film and television. There truly is something for everyone. My philosophy has become such that I don’t have time to “try” things out. I watch a show or a movie because some element intrigues me or it comes highly recommended. If it captures my attention, I stick with it. If it doesn’t, I let it go. Do, or do not.

One of my pet peeves, and I know that I do it too, is when someone says “I’ll try another couple episodes and then decide.” I recently did this for a new show on Syfy, and even though it captured the attention of many fans, it just did not resonate with me. After recommending Falling Skies to a bunch of people, they told me that they simply couldn’t get into it (slow burn, it is). And that is totally fine! In fact, it’s more than fine. If we all liked the same things, life would be wholly uninteresting.

Below is a compilation of shows that I don’t necessarily blog regularly about, but have reviewed in some capacity because they are enjoyable to me. My goal is to be objective and analyze, but taste is subjective.


12 Monkeys
The blogs are just beginning…

The first of many. To see the full listing of posts, click here.

Primeval (UK)
Originally intended to be the start of a series of posts, this became just a stand-alone recommendation.

Primeval (US/Canada)
The first post of 13, covering the whole series.


Now You See Me
Whip It


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