12 Monkeys: Brothers

Three distinct storylines, tightly coupled but wholly independent once again, come together at long last by the end of this episode. From Jennifer's nightmares and confrontation with Olivia to Ramse and Cole's journey back to 2007 and Deacon and Cassie's daring escape from Titan, we're all over the timeline, everyone desperately trying to protect someone.


12 Monkeys: Enemy

Introduction The best line of the whole episode, to encapsulate the varying degrees of enemies represented, was Katarina's: my friend's friend is no more trustworthy than my enemy's enemy. Alliances have changed so much for these core characters, and clearly will continue to change, that the concept of enemy is in constant flux. Time was the enemy for a while, but as … Continue reading 12 Monkeys: Enemy

12 Monkeys: Mother

Introduction Since 12 Monkeys began, one characteristic of its storytelling that has impressed me most is its unapologetic dedication to presenting more than one side, approach or tactic to every circumstance. Every mission, every conundrum, provokes fatalism from one character (and, often, defeatism) and idealism from another. Interestingly, neither side succumbs to a passive approach … Continue reading 12 Monkeys: Mother