Storytelling: The Sci-Fi Fan’s ROI

Warning: Agents of SHIELD and Arrow spoilers Sci-Fi consumers are privy to a factoid casual viewers never seem to understand (or, possibly, don't care to, which is fair). We anticipate the return on fulfilling story arcs. What does this mean? By using the first two season of Agents of SHIELD, I'd like to draw out … Continue reading Storytelling: The Sci-Fi Fan’s ROI


Arrow Squad Episode 06 – Season 1 Episodes 17-20

Listen here The summer rewatch continues with a discussion about season 1 episodes 17-20! I join Shadow in a very fun segment of Arrow Squad, just amazed that I get to be part of this podcast again, and we hit the ground running. What you'll hear: News, rumors, excitements for season 3! Official statements from … Continue reading Arrow Squad Episode 06 – Season 1 Episodes 17-20