Primeval New World: The Sound of Thunder Part 1

The series 1 finale of the original series blew my mind. And then the series 2 premiere, in which we meet Jenny Lewis, sent me into a swirling vortex of mindgasms that inextricably linked my heart to the series forevermore. This finale, this two-parter, blew my mind… but doggone it! I need that swirling vortex … Continue reading Primeval New World: The Sound of Thunder Part 1


Primeval New World: The Inquisition

Two parallel storylines bring us through what I would qualify as this series' penultimate episode. If you've never heard the term before, it basically means "preceding the last", but in a way that refers to the criticality of its contents as a precursor for what is to come. The series finale is a two-parter and … Continue reading Primeval New World: The Inquisition

Primeval New World: The Great Escape

SPOILER ALERT If you haven't felt your blood boil yet, well... I hope it is boiling now. We've long suspected Lt. Leeds was involved in retaining creatures of the past to suit the agenda of the organization he works for, and finally we came into confirmation of this in The Great Escape, which features Leggy … Continue reading Primeval New World: The Great Escape

Primeval New World: Breakthrough

SPOILER ALERT BTW: I know I'm probably using incorrect terminology for specifics concerning the industry that Howard and Evan are competing in... If you want to correct me, go on ahead. Aside from the triceratops being my favorite dinosaur, this episode did a number of things well. Firstly, it paid attention to the general public … Continue reading Primeval New World: Breakthrough

Primeval New World: Undone

Season 1 Episode 5 Undone Spoilers Ahead Written By: Sarah Dodd Directed By: Michael Rohl Last week I scoured for ratings and didn't find any, this week I came out successful! According to Reuben's Ramblings, these are the ratings for June:June 8 ("The New World") – 1.3 millionJune 15 ("Sisiutl") – 1.2 millionJune 22 ("Fear … Continue reading Primeval New World: Undone

Primeval New World: Angry Birds

Season 1 Episode 4 Spoilers Ahead Written By: Gillian Horvath Directed By: Andy Mikita My review for this episode is coming very late because I am technically on vacation. Often I write this as I’m driving home from the cabin on Sunday evenings (passenger, not driver). But I was thrown all off kilter this week. … Continue reading Primeval New World: Angry Birds

Primeval New World: Fear of Flying

Season 1 Episode 3: Spoilers AheadDirector: Michael RohlWriter: Jim Cooksey One of the most distinctive features of this spin-off series is the lack of consistent knowledge of the eras into which each Anomaly leads. In the previous two episodes, one character or another has had an inkling or a clue as to what exactly was … Continue reading Primeval New World: Fear of Flying

Primeval New World: Sisiutl

Writer: Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens Director: Andy Mikita Spoilers ahead for Season 1 Episode 2 "Sisiutl" The second episode of the Vancouver-based Primeval universe follows a familiar pattern of solidifying "the main crew", which in this case revolves around cementing those who will resolve the Anomaly conflicts. Many shows have done what this episode does … Continue reading Primeval New World: Sisiutl

Primeval: New World (The New World)

Series created by: Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens Director: Martin Wood Writer: Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens If you have not yet seen the first episode of this show, you will not want to read this post in its entirety. In fact, if you have not seen the original series, but intend to, you might not want … Continue reading Primeval: New World (The New World)