LOST 2014 Part 2

DAY 2! The second day of visiting LOST filming locations was first and foremost a success because of the incredible planning and strategery of my friend Barb. Before leaving for Hawaii, I realized, quite stupidly, that I had never signed up for a LOST tour. Part of the weekend's events were two filming location tours … Continue reading LOST 2014 Part 2


LOST 2014 Part 1

As I start writing this, I am hardly 24 hours back in the continental United States and I'm already looking ahead to May 2020 when, quite possibly, another fan-organized LOST event will be taking place in Hawaii! I will be writing a lot about this event and my experiences in Hawaii, but I do want … Continue reading LOST 2014 Part 1

LiL 56: The Chosen

LiL = Lost in Literature Listen here Book: The Chosen by Chaim Potok Episode Tie-In: Dr Linus, Season 6 Episode 7 It's been a while since I've written an accompanying blog for the book featured on a given week's podcast. In all honesty, I'm beyond busy and unfortunately it is something like this that gets … Continue reading LiL 56: The Chosen

LiL 27: To Kill A Mockingbird

LiL = Lost in Literature Listen here Another classic! There are a lot of fascinating things about Nelle Harper Lee and the nature of this book that I wasn't able to cover in my segment, mostly because they're completely irrelevant to Lost. If you're interested to learn more about her, you might try starting here. … Continue reading LiL 27: To Kill A Mockingbird

LiL 25: A Tale of Two Cities

LiL = Lost in Literature Listen here. Remember Chuck? If you don't, shame on you. Ok, well, remember how Chuck was so hung up on Jill leading up to meeting Sarah...then, after they meet and Chuck realizes his heart can move on, he immediately wants out of the CIA so that he can "have a … Continue reading LiL 25: A Tale of Two Cities

LiL 21: The Brothers Karamazov

LiL = LOST in Literature Golden Spiral Meda: We Have to Go Back Episode 21This might be the highest-stress segment I've done yet. Dostoyevsky is no small feat and I hardly did reading this book justice. I took 2 weeks to read it, fully, because even though it's nearly the same thickness as Jules Verne's … Continue reading LiL 21: The Brothers Karamazov