Continuum: Power Hour

POWER HOUR Directed By: David Frazee Written By: Todd Ireland & Jeremy Smith Are we halfway into the season, or is the season halfway gone? I’ve been saying that it’s halfway over, already, and my rather bleak, glass-half-empty outlook has more to do with the sadness of this show being so close to its end … Continue reading Continuum: Power Hour


Storytelling: The Sci-Fi Fan’s ROI

Warning: Agents of SHIELD and Arrow spoilers Sci-Fi consumers are privy to a factoid casual viewers never seem to understand (or, possibly, don't care to, which is fair). We anticipate the return on fulfilling story arcs. What does this mean? By using the first two season of Agents of SHIELD, I'd like to draw out … Continue reading Storytelling: The Sci-Fi Fan’s ROI

LiL 47: Jeremy Bentham

LiL = Lost in Literature Literature: the life and death of Jeremy Bentham Lost Episode Tie-In: Season 5 Episode 7 "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham Listen here! For once, I actually struggled to get enough content within the time frame I'm allotted on the podcast. As I was reading various selected works by … Continue reading LiL 47: Jeremy Bentham

Continuum: Minute of Silence

Season 3 Episode 9 Spoilers Ahead “Minute of Silence” Written by Simon Barry Directed by Pat Williams SUMMARY In the future, Kiera infiltrates an illegal business extracting citizenship chips. Going through with this procedure renders an individual’s birth certification and citizenship null and void. There are several people waiting to have theirs removed and it … Continue reading Continuum: Minute of Silence

Continuum: Wasted Minute

CONTINUUM Season 3 Episode 6 Spoilers Ahead ”Wasted Minute” Written by Jeremy Smith & Matt Venables Directed by Amanda Tapping SUMMARY In the future, a terrible and painful disease inflicts tens of thousands of citizens, including Kiera. The cure for this disease arrives when she is at the end of her rope, wishing instead to … Continue reading Continuum: Wasted Minute

LiL 34: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

LiL = Lost in Literature Listen Here! Book: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain Lost Episode Tie-In: Season 3 Episode 19 "The Brig" Not a whole lot to follow up on this time! I fit a lot into the segment, like including material from What is Man? by Mark Twain. Honestly, this segment … Continue reading LiL 34: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer