The 100: Earth Skills

Earth Skills Directed By: Dean White Written By: Jason Rothenberg The second episode of The 100 picks up right where the pilot left off: the kids running away from the river in terror after Jasper was speared through the chest from 300 yards away. As second episodes go, this one lost none of the moment … Continue reading The 100: Earth Skills


Storytelling: The Sci-Fi Fan’s ROI

Warning: Agents of SHIELD and Arrow spoilers Sci-Fi consumers are privy to a factoid casual viewers never seem to understand (or, possibly, don't care to, which is fair). We anticipate the return on fulfilling story arcs. What does this mean? By using the first two season of Agents of SHIELD, I'd like to draw out … Continue reading Storytelling: The Sci-Fi Fan’s ROI

Primeval New World: The Sound of Thunder Part 1

The series 1 finale of the original series blew my mind. And then the series 2 premiere, in which we meet Jenny Lewis, sent me into a swirling vortex of mindgasms that inextricably linked my heart to the series forevermore. This finale, this two-parter, blew my mind… but doggone it! I need that swirling vortex … Continue reading Primeval New World: The Sound of Thunder Part 1

Primeval New World: The Inquisition

Two parallel storylines bring us through what I would qualify as this series' penultimate episode. If you've never heard the term before, it basically means "preceding the last", but in a way that refers to the criticality of its contents as a precursor for what is to come. The series finale is a two-parter and … Continue reading Primeval New World: The Inquisition

Primeval New World: The Great Escape

SPOILER ALERT If you haven't felt your blood boil yet, well... I hope it is boiling now. We've long suspected Lt. Leeds was involved in retaining creatures of the past to suit the agenda of the organization he works for, and finally we came into confirmation of this in The Great Escape, which features Leggy … Continue reading Primeval New World: The Great Escape

Primeval New World: Truth

SPOILER ALERT While backtracking might be my best option right now, I will point out that, given what I had to work with, I still feel like I was right (concerning my "Why I think Primeval NW failed" post). Everything I wanted from this series occurred in the last six episodes. Everything. And that is … Continue reading Primeval New World: Truth

Primeval New World: Syfy Marathon

In case you're wondering where in the world Primeval New World disappeared to the last two Saturdays, Syfy pulled its melodramatic butt from the first string lineup. As sad as it is, I understand. Ratings still conquer good drama. If no one is watching (and by no one I mean myself and >1 million others), why … Continue reading Primeval New World: Syfy Marathon

Primeval New World: Babes in the Woods

Season 1 Episode 7 Spoilers Ahead Written by Katherine Collins Directed by Andy Mikita The one thing we can say for Anomalies is that they wait for no man. Regardless of the state of personal relationships in these characters’ lives, or of other responsibilities, the Anomalies are the newborn babies of the physical world. When … Continue reading Primeval New World: Babes in the Woods

Primeval New World: Clean Up On Aisle Three

Season 1 Episode 6 Spoilers Ahead Written by: Peter Hume Directed by: Amanda Tapping This tightly knit band of unlikely heroes is finally starting to realize how tightly knit they actually are. The threats coming through each Anomaly present serious dangers to the world at large and, one-by-one each has to sacrifice a little bit … Continue reading Primeval New World: Clean Up On Aisle Three